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“Clean San Pedro” is a grass root organization that was formed to improve the environment and quality of life in San Pedro. The organization began with a group of life long San Pedro residents, tired of the declining conditions of the downtown area getting together and cleaning Pacific Avenue on weekends. It was then realized that with a concerted effort and consistent follow up cleaning, that San Pedro could be transformed to the beautiful city it deserves to be.

“Clean San Pedro”was formed as a 501C3 non profit corporation. CSP was created to provide a two-pronged attack to revitalize the area in San Pedro referred to as the Pacific Corridor. This effort would include a volunteer effort to assist in community clean ups backed by a more important effort of follow up. This follow up effort would consist of having a full time cleaning crew policing the Pacific Corridor.

The Program

The full time program would consist of:

  • removing weeds and grass from sidewalks and curbs.
  • Providing daily litter removal from curbs and sidewalks.
  • A weekly steam-cleaning schedule of bus shelters and benches and surrounding sidewalks.
  • Collecting shopping carts and returning them to a central location or to the stores directly.
  • Reporting of large debris in alleys for timely pick up.
  • A reporting of graffiti for rapid removal.
  • Curb repair could also be provided with approval by the city.

The Effort

These efforts done on a consistent basis would rapidly make a noticeable difference to the Pacific Corridor area of San Pedro. This would further encourage investment, increase existing property values and greatly increase the quality of life for residents and visitors to San Pedro. These efforts would also keep tons of litter and debris from finding its way to our harbor and beaches which are where our storm drains lead to.

Clean San Pedro Inc. is looking for funding to assist with this important and much needed task.