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General Requirements

Work will be performed six days a week, Monday through Saturday. Work will be performed during the day shift except for steam cleaning of bus benches and sidewalks, which will be done in the late evening.

Area to be Serviced:
  1. Pacific Ave. from 24th Street to Ofarrel Street.
  2. 1st.Street from Pacific ave. to Gaffey Street.
  3. Gaffey Street. from freeway entrance to 22nd Street.
  4. 22nd. Street from Gaffey Street to Cabrillo Marina entrance.
Work Outline
  1. Trash, Litter and Debris – Patrol all areas to pick up and dispose of trash, litter and debris on sidewalks and in street curbs.
  2. Weed Patrol and Removal – Patrol all areas and remove weeds from sidewalks, curbs and around storm drains.
  3. Street Light Poles, Sign Poles, and Traffic Signal Poles – Clean poles up to seven feet of graffiti, posted signs, and stickers.
  4. Shopping Carts – Patrol all areas to locate, pick up and transport shopping carts back to owner’s property or to authorized drop off facility.
  5. Bus Stops and Shelters – pressure wash shelters, benches, trash receptacles and sidewalks. Remove all gum, graffiti, spills and debris from the bus stop area of twenty-five feet on all sides of the bus stop or shelter.
  6. Patrol and Report – Report to the authorized city representative any graffiti, illegal dumping in alleys, or other conditions that would require action by a city entity.